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Buy White Skunk Online

Buy White Skunk Online is a well balanced hybrid strain known to relieve stress and anxiety. These flowers smell slightly sweet and earthy with undertones of ammonia. The smoke is thick and mostly smooth. This strain will immediately leave users wrapped in an intense haze of cerebral spaciness that will relieve stress and anxiety while a demotivating body relaxation creeps in over time.

About this Hybrid Strain

White Skunk is a powerful mixture cannabis strain that creates a fragrance and taste reminiscent of its name – being very skunky and harsh. Its buds have olive leaves with purple connotations, being canvassed in a thin however shimmering layer of trichomes.

The THC substance of White Skunk rests around 18-22%. Its high will make a head high that leaves the purchaser in a stunning condition of euphoric satisfaction, making both imagination and contemplative considerations flood. Both body and mind will unwind as freshly discovered thoughts barrage the psyche charmingly.

Past dry mouth and eyes, White Skunk may cause tipsiness or migraine.

It takes around seven and a half weeks for White Skunk to completely blossom when developing, being a simple strain to develop notwithstanding for a beginner cannabis agriculturist.


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