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Buy Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil Online

Buy Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil Online here and there called Sour D, is a fortifying sativa named after its impactful, diesel-like smell. Harsh Diesel Cannabis Oil. This quick acting strain conveys invigorating, fantastic cerebral impacts that have pushed Sour Diesel to its incredible status. Stress, agony, and melancholy blur away in durable help that settles on Sour Diesel a best decision among medicinal patients.

This strain flourished in the mid 90’s with cannabis reproducer Chem Dog, and it is accepted to have slipped from Chemdawg, Northern Lights, and a Skunk phenotype.

Lab Tested Results Of Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil

THC: 59.58%

CBD: 2.51%

A portion of the impacts detailed from these pot strains (cannabis oil) are:

– Happy

– Uplifted

– Euphoric

– Creative

– Relaxed

Patients report these weed strains (cannabis oil) causes them oversee:

– Stress

– Depression

– Headaches

– Pain

– Nausea

Some of the effects reported from Sour Diesel marijuana are:






Patients report Sour Diesel marijuana helps them manage:





Head Aches


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